Our headquarters are located in Dunlap, IL.  We utilize dedicated Union plumbers and pipe fitters which live throughout the state of Illinois and perform projects in their designated locations.  CMI is presently signatory to 10 different local unions throughout the state of Illinois and we will entertain bidding any project in the state of Illinois North of Interstate I-70 near Springfield Illinois.  See map below.

We mainly bid projects that are plan and spec.  Although we can design projects, and we have completed projects for individual clients.  Our main audience is the commercial and industrial plan and spec market.


Open this interactive map to get more information...

Open this interactive map to get more information...

We travel in a wider market range than most of our competition, and we have very talented union craftsman who have been with Commercial Mechanical, Inc. for many years.  CMI's four owners are all engaged in the day to day operations and are all concerned about the integrity and quality of the company.  CMI takes pride in our employees and understand how important they are to our success.

View our Interactive Google map on this page to see areas we serve and their associated local union.

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