CMI has assisted medical facilities in meeting their budgetary goals while optimizing patient care and minimizing facility disruption.  We can do this thru our years of experience with facility management and our high quality and knowledge of mechanical, HVAC and plumbing services.


Headington Oaks-400x400.jpg

Heddington Oaks

New construction of 2 story Assisted Living Center
location: Peoria County, Illinois
Partners: River City Construction (cm), Wm. Masters (vent)
CMI's role: Heating/Cooling piping and equipment installation


New Construction of Cherry Valley Clinic
location: Cherry Valley, Illinois
Partners: Ringland-Johnson Construction (cm)
CMI's role: Heating piping and equipment installation

St. Joseph Medical Center

Chiller Addition
location: Bloomington, Illinois
Partners (cm)
CMI's role: Piping, Vent, Controls, Chemicals and equipment installation